Scripts to dump installed drivers and applications

I was looking at my old ZTIYellowBang.wsf script on my old Blog site and noticed that the script version posted is an older version. So it’s time to update the script! :^)


Back when I did a Deployment contract for Microsoft’s own IT department we developed a MDT Litetouch Deployment solution (Another team was working on the SCCM-OSD deployment). And I wanted to ensure that we were getting good driver/application coverage.

One of the first things I did in our test lab was to setup a SLShare so all of the bdd.logs generated by the test machines were sent to a centralized location for processing later. BUt how to make sure that the drivers installed were correct.

Updated Tool

I created ZTIYellowBang.wsf to track which devices on a machine had no drivers installed (or when drivers failed to load). The term “Yellow Bang” is in reference to the Yellow Exclamation point visible in the Windows Device Manager for any devices that are not working properly.

The updated tool I developed for MSIT doesn’t just display devices that are missing drivers, it also displays if the drivers installed are inbox Microsoft Drivers, 3rd party signed (WHQL), or not signed at all (Bad).

I added this to the standard Task Sequence near the end of the “State Restore” phase. It was also easy to write a script to find (Grep or findstr.exe) devices that did not find any drivers.


The other tool included here is a tool that displays all “installed” applications on the local computer. It searches the registry for all installed applications that appear in the “Add/Remove Programs” section of the Control Panel.

This tool can be helpful if you have drivers that also installed some associated applications that appear in the Control Panel.

Additionally, it will also go through the list of Applications and ManadatoryApplications selected for installation by MDT ZTIApplications.wsf. If the Application entry has a “UninstallKey” defined, the script will verify that the application was installed.


Simply copy the ZTIYellowBang.wsf and/or ZTIAppVerify.wsf script to the Deployment Share under the …scripts directory. Then add the script as a Step to your Task Sequence (just before the Capture section):

cscript.exe %ScriptRoot%\ZTIYellowBang.wsf


3 thoughts on “Scripts to dump installed drivers and applications

  1. I’m seeing “This item might not exist or is no longer available” on Onedrive…is the script still available for download?

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