Checking for tablets in MDT

Quick Post:

How do you test for tablets in MDT?

Create a new step in your Task Sequence, like “Set Task Sequence Variable” –> IsTablet = True

Then, in the “Options” tab, add a new “WMI Query” with the following:
(One Line)

SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem 
WHERE PCSystemType = 2 and PCSystemTypeEx = 8

This condition appears to correctly identify tablets vs non-tablets. My Lenovo W530 (not tablet), my Surface Pro (IsTablet), and my Dell Venue 8 Pro (is Tablet), and a Virtual Machine (not tablet).

Hopefully Microsoft will update their documentation, PCSystemTypeEx does not appear in the standard MSDN documentation.


2 thoughts on “Checking for tablets in MDT

  1. Thanks for your reply.
    I changed my ZTIgather to make it work, but that will lead to problems when a new MDT update is released, and the scripts are overwritten.

    Jan Ruppert

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