Customizing Your Windows Deployments

Hello again from Mall of America in Minneapolis Minnesota at the Minnesota Management Summit 2014 (MMS for short). #mmsminnesota

Today I am giving a presentation on “Customizing Your Windows Deployments – Tips, Tricks, and Code”.


Stick with Well-Known and Proven Solutions
MDT Wizard Studio


I wanted share the source code examples from my presentation:

MMS2014 – Customizing Your Windows

Inside you will find the following:

MMS2014 - Customizing Your Windows Deployments.pptx
1 - Unattend\makevhdx.ps1
1 - Unattend\make_client_vhd.cmd
1 - Unattend\Run-VHD.ps1
1 - Unattend\unattend.Workgroup.xml
1 - Unattend\unattend.xml
2 - ztigather\CustomSettings.ini
2 - ztigather\UserExit.vbs
3 - CMD\AppWrapper.cmd
3 - CMD\Source\7z925x64.msi
4 - VBS\ZTIUtility.vbs
5 - PS1\CM1.CleanUp.ps1
5 - PS1\Get-Service.ps1
5 - PS1\Test-MDTPowerShell.cmd
5 - PS1\Test-MDTPowershell.ps1

In the “1 – Unattend” folder is my example of how to take a Windows *.iso image and mount in Hyper-V.
In the “2 – ZTIGather” folder is a quick example of a customsettings.ini file and a userexit.vbs script.
In the “3 – CMD” folder is an example of using a CMD file to wrap commands in a batch script.
In the “4 – VBS” folder I have some examples on how to create MDT VBScript files.
In the “5 – PS1” folder I have an example of how to call a powershell script from within MDT.


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