Updated Install-DellDriverCatalog.ps1

I updated the Install-DellDriverCatalog.ps1 up on my OneDrive account, since starting tomorrow I may not be able to update the file any more (Competition and all :^)…

Thanks to Mike Sobol for finding the error and reporting it,

Turns out that Dell changed the Schema of the catalog, forcing an update for some of the new Dell models like the E7250.

MDT ZTIDrivers.wsf will try to do a good job matching the driver package downloaded with the models identified during install, but sometimes we have a hard time matching the drivers in the catalog with the make and model of the machine because Dell doesn’t give an exact match to what is found in the BIOS/Firmware, instead we have to do an intelligent job of matching the values.

For the new models Dell lists the Model as:

      <Brand key="4" prefix="LAT">
        <Display lang="en"><![CDATA[ Latitude ]]></Display>
        <Model systemID="062D">
          <Display lang="en"><![CDATA[ E7250/7250 ]]></Display>
      <Brand key="4" prefix="LAT">
        <Display lang="en"><![CDATA[ Latitude ]]></Display>
        <Model systemID="0648">
          <Display lang="en"><![CDATA[ E7250/7250 ]]></Display>

As you can see the model is listed with a “/” in the name, which is different than the other machines.

So I changed the script to filter out the BIOS values.

I just wish Dell would be consistent with their naming structure, or at least list the model value as it appears in the BIOS.

Download files from: https://wordpress.com/post/keithga.wordpress.com/588



10 thoughts on “Updated Install-DellDriverCatalog.ps1

  1. Hello, thank you for the nice post! I am a noob with MDT and have been making my way through this pretty well so far and have about 14 models I deploy through MDT and have not had much issues up until this Dell Latitude E7250 model. From this post can you help me to establish where I would add this info into MDT to get it to PXE boot and run the image process? I keep getting “A connection to the deployment share could not be made. The following networking device did not have a driver installed. PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15A2&SUBSYS_062D1028&REV_03” Appreciate any feedback I can get πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  2. Seems as if the latest drivers have once again broken this wonderful tool 😦

    I wonder if there is any other tool out there that is as simple to use as this?

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