Driver Packages for Lenovo and HP

I’ve had several requests to extend my Dell Driver Pack Catalog Tool to Lenovo and HP.

I got as far as developing a powershell script to get a Lenovo driver manifest by web-scraping the web site:

#requires -version 3
#Requires -RunAsAdministrator


Write-verbose “Download Model List”
$AllModels = Invoke-WebRequest
$ModelPages = $AllModels.links.href |
   select-string -allmatches “(?:/docs/|/us/en/downloads/)(ds[0-9]+)” |
   ForEach-Object { $_.matches.groups[1].value } |
   Select-Object -Unique

Write-Debug “Done: Count[$($ModelPages.count)]”

$i = 0
$manifWrite-Verbose “Download each model page”
ForEach ( $Model in $ModelPages ) {
Write-Progress -Activity “Download $Model -PercentComplete ($i * 100 / $ModelPages.Count)
    Invoke-WebRequest$Model |
        ForEach-Object {
            [PSCustomObject] @{
                 PackageID = $Model;
                 Title = $_.ParsedHTML.Title;
                 Download = ($_.links.href -match “.*exe”)

Write-Progress -Activity “Done” -Completed

The next step is to download and extract the *.exe package (with the /silent or /VerySilent switch), and then import into MDT Litetouch or SCCM

Unfortunately, I’m not very happy about the way the Model numbers are displayed/parsed by the web site and my script, and I would prefer something that is machine readable (XML file, for example). This would allow us to follow the Johan “Total Control” method of driver management.

If you know how to get the Model Numbers for Lenovo machines given the packages from the web site, let me know.



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