Updated Dell Driver Catalog script

So I provided feedback to Dell last year about the schema on their DriverPackCatalog.xml file. I wanted to tie the Make & Model information from XML file directly with the SMBIOS data returned in WMI queries like Win32_ComputerSystemProduct. Right now Dell provides some model information in the XML:

<Brand key=90 prefix=TABLET>
<Display lang=en><![CDATA[ Tablet ]]></Display>
   <Model systemID=0630>
      <Display lang=en><![CDATA[ 5830 ]]></Display>

But how to cross reference that with my Dell Venue 8 Pro:

PS C:\> Get-WMIObject Win32_ComputerSystemProduct

IdentifyingNumber : 123QWER
Name              : Venue 8 Pro 5830
Vendor            : DellInc.
Version           : Not Specified
Caption           : Computer System Product

I could try to do some sub-string matching, but I can’t seem to come up with the ideal pattern matching system, in addition, I want to support Johan’s Total-Control system, and if Dell doesn’t support the full Name “Venue 8 Pro” out of the “Venue 8 Pro 5830” I can’t construct the correct folder name.

Request: I would like Dell to supply the *FULL* SMBios name for each platform in the DriverPackCatalog.xml file.

Well, Dell went and updated the schema, but instead of adding full Model strings for the SupportedSystems, they modified the schema in ways that broke some other things in my scripts. My scripts have been hopelessly out of date and broken for some time. :^(

Updated Scripts

I updated the Install-DellWinPEDriverCatalog.ps1 file to match the new Dell Schema.

Fair warning, I don’t have enough Dell machines to do proper testing, but from what I can tell it was able to import WinPE and Some Latitude drivers into my test MDT environment.


(perhaps Dell can send me a new Precision Workstation so I can do proper testing ;^)

Updated Scripts:




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