Updated Dell Driver Catalog Script for Windows 10



Dell has updated the Schema on their DriverPackageCatalog.xml to include full SMBIOS Make and Model information for their systems!

I updated the Install-DellDriverCatalog.ps1 script to take advantage of the new metadata and tried importing drivers for my trusty Dell Venue 8 Pro.  As you may recall, in previous versions of the DriverPackageCatalog.xml file, the Dell Venue 8 Pro had a weird 5830 number for the Model, which didn’t match what was in the Firmware.

Anyways, I tried importing into MDT, and got the following…


Looks Great!!


Additionally, with the addition of the Windows 10 ADK, I have updated the script to support this platform, and other changes

mdt selection profiles





Thanks to @WarrenByle for putting up with my pestering :^) Great stuff from dell.


7 thoughts on “Updated Dell Driver Catalog Script for Windows 10

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  2. This really is an amazing app.

    Got most of my drivers downloaded and installed. However it doesn’t seem to show any of the Venues in the list. I actually have a Venue 11 7140 I was hoping to get the drivers for.

    Perhaps I did something incorrect?

  3. The files linked here seem to point to older powershell scripts in your “OldBlog” folder.

    There seem to be updates scripts in the “NewBlog” folder.

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