MDT 2013 UberBug02 – English keyboards only please!

Got a question from a private DL asking about a possible bug in MDT 2013 Update 1:


When you change the Keyboard Locale in the MDT LiteTouch wizard, you get this error:

“An error has occurred in the script on this page”

“Type mismatch: ‘SetNewKeyboardLayout'”

The bug

Looking at the differences in MDT 2013 RTW (Release to Web), MDT 2013 Update 1 Tech Preview, and the final MDT 2013 Update 1 RTW ) version, I can see that someone added some debugging code into DeployWiz_LanguageUI.xml for the beta:THe

<SELECT NAME="KeyboardLocale_Edit" class=WideEdit onchange="SetNewKeyboardLayout">

and into DeployWiz_LanguageUI.vbs

Function SetNewKeyboardLayout
End Function

Clearly this is some kind of debugging used in development, adding a MsgBox during onchange in production is bad.

The Fix

The work around is easy, click “yes” on the dialog above, and continue.

The fix is fairly easy. Simply change the DeployWiz_LanguageUI.xml file line 62 from the text above to:

<SELECT NAME="KeyboardLocale_Edit" class=WideEdit>

Connect bug: 1684128

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