MDT Gotcha – Upgrading a Deployment Share

Some notes about upgrading your existing MDT deployment share to MDT 2013 Update 1.

First off, if you are upgrading a share, please backup the share first, so you have a copy that you can reference if necessary. At least backup the \Control and \Scripts folder.

Even better, make a copy of your MDT Deployment Share, and upgrade the COPY.

Finally, if you have been playing around with creating Windows 10 images, be aware if you upgrade from previous versions of the MDT 2013 Update 1 beta, you might miss some fixes in the final version that are *NOT* fixed during the upgrade.

A big problem is the Windows Version 6.0 test in the Capture Image phase of the Client Task Sequence:


This test will *fail* to apply the WinPE image to the local machine for capture. Whoops!

To fix, simply remove the “Version > 6” test on this step.

This is only a problem for Windows 10 capture task sequences.

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