MDT UberBug05 – Batch scripting is dead.

Found this bug on the TechNet social group for MDT:

Basically if you call a *.bat or *.cmd file in MDT as an Application, MDT will do some special processing to ensure that the default directory is in a good location for the bat or cmd file.

If not oNode.selectSingleNode("WorkingDirectory") is nothing then
  sDir = oUtility.SelectSingleNodeString(oNode,"WorkingDirectory")
  If Trim(sDir) <> "" and Trim(sDir) <> "." then
    If Left(sDir, 2) = ".\" then

      If (Instr(1, sCmd, ".CMD", 1) > 0 or Instr(1, sCmd, ".BAT", 1) > 0) and oEnvironment.Item("ResourceDrive") <> "" then
        If oEnvironment.Item("DeploymentMethod") = "MEDIA" then
          sDir = oEnvironment.Item("ResourceRoot") & Mid(sDir, 2)
          sDir = oEnvironment.Item("ResourceDrive") & Mid(sDir, 2)
        End If
       sDir = oEnvironment.Item("ResourceRoot") & Mid(sDir, 2)
    End if
  End if

  sDir = oEnvironment.Substitute(sDir)
  oUtility.ValidateConnection sDir
  oLogging.CreateEntry vbTab & vbTab & "Change directory: " & sDir, LogTypeInfo
  On Error Resume Next
  oShell.CurrentDirectory = sDir

ResourceDrive is a drive letter (Z:\) mapped to the Deployment share rather than the network path like ( \\MDT1\DeploymentShare$ ) Batch scripts like the drive letter better than the full path.

However in the RTM version of MDT that special test doesn’t work since sCMD is always empty for the block above.

Haven’t had a chance to code a fix, sadly it doesn’t directly affect me right now, I don’t use any cmd scripts.

If you want to upvote for a fix:

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