MDT 2013 UberBug07 – Not enough space on disk.

Here are some quick notes on a different kind of bug with MDT that I’m posting if anyone encounters it.

MDT 2013 Update 1 has a small bug in it that can cause refreshes from previous MDT deployments to fail.

It’s a complex interaction bug with MDT, the System and Recovery partitions, and WinRE.wim.


What happens is that when you try to “refresh” a machine from Windows 8.1 to another OS, MDT will attempt to place a copy of WinPE.wim on the “System” partition. However Windows 8.1 Setup may have already placed the WinRE.wim file on the System partition (rather than the WinRE partition where it should have been placed). This can happen even though you may not have enabled the ZTIWinRE.wsf script in your task sequence, because Windows 8.1 will always copy the WinRE.wim file to a non “OS/Boot” partition during setup.

When MDT tries to copy the WinPE.wim file to the local disk, it will first try to copy to the System partition, but will fail, because there is not enough space (thanks to the WinRE.wim file hogging up all the space). And you will get the error message:

Not enough space for boot image on boot partition using system partition



I filed a bug against MDT a while back:

IN the mean time, You can view my private fix at:

Lines 232 – 245

I basically delete the WinRE.wim file from the system partition. the older WinRE.wim file won’t be used in the new OS anyways, so it’s OK to delete. :^)

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