MDT UberBug – More bugs from Johan

Some reminders of other MDT UberBugs out there.

Johan Arwidmark has found been following up with the MDT team on a couple of bugs:


Issue #3 Editing Unattend.xml via WSIM breaks the deployment

Turns out that if you have an encoded administrator password in your Unattend.xml file (not recommended), then MDT 2013 Update 1 may not reset the <PlainText>False</PlainText> back to True.  This can cause a break during Windows Setup.  This may have something to do with a change in the ADK from MSXML3 to MSXML6. Microsoft is investigating.


Issue #2 ConfigMgr deployments displays “Can not find script file “X:\LTIBootstrap.ini”.” and tries Auto logon when

More errors with MSXML3 to MSXML6

Issue #3 The new disk handling logic that was supposed to remove the need for setting OSDPreserveDriveLetter only works for uEFI 

Sadly, I forgot what OSDPreserveDriveLetter was about, so I had to do an internet search. Oh yea, I have a blog post about that. But Frank wrote a better one.


Thanks Johan!


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