MDT UberBug10 – Win10 OS Capture using SCCM is not supported

Got an interesting question yesterday about the Symantec Management Agent (SMA). Someone asked about running sysprep.exe under the system context, and someone else mentioned that execution of the sysprep.exe is *not* supported in the system context for Windows 10. I suspect this has to do with all the new fancy Metro/Modern/Universal apps that have plenty of junk that needs to be cleaned up by sysprep.

What is the System Context? Well normally when you run a program in Windows, you are running it under your user context. However If you go to the Task Manager, “Details” tab, you can see that there are dozens of background processes running, some with the user name “SYSTEM” these are specially designed *.exe programs that run in the background and perform numerous tasks.

task manager

The problem

There is no problem for MDT LiteTouch build and capture task sequences, however if you were to use SCCM to build and capture, now you may have a supportability problem, because SCCM runs tasks sequences in the system context. Whoops!

I have filed a bug on connect asking for a Supportability statement from Microsoft.

In the mean time, please continue to use MDT LiteTouch for building your Windows 10 images.  :^)


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