Microsoft Groove RIP – Export your Playlist

OK… I’m using Groove. Don’t know why I paid the annual subscription, perhaps I had grand plans to sync up my music lists to a single platform and decided to give it a chance. Oh well… Microsoft just killed it.

Anyways, I’ve been collecting some songs over the past couple of years, and before I forget what they are, I thought I would export the list, only to find out that Groove only supports exporting to Spotify, well I don’t know what music service I’m planning on moving to, but it *might* not be Spotify, so I need to figure out how to export my list now.

I tried getting an Groove Music API, key, but Microsoft shutdown the service, I also tried another online service, but they wanted to charge a monthly fee. I did figure out that I can download my playlist locally to my machine. The files will be DRM protected, but I can use the file names to generate a playlist. How? Powershell to the rescue!

IF you would like to create a list, open up a powershell.exe command prompt and run the following command (Single line):

iwr | % Content | IEX | export-csv -NoTypeInformation -path $env:USERPROFILE\desktop\myGrooveList.csv

This command will download the powershell script from GitHub, execute, and export to a file called MyGrooveList.csv on your desktop. ( or replace desktop with downloads, whatever).


Then you can open the MyGrooveList.csv file in Excel and import later.

Here is the full script:

Export Groove Playlist
Export Groove Music playlist (tested on Groove Music version 9/25/2017)
* Open Groove Music
* Click on "My Music"
* Select all tracks ( Ctrl-A )
* Click on "Download"
This should download encrypted (protected) music files locally.
You won't be able to downlaod these tracks, but you can now get a manifest of the tracks with this script.
Specifies the file name.
.PARAMETER Extension
Specifies the extension. "Txt" is the default.
C:\PS> .\Export-GroovePlaylist.ps1
Will export your groove playlist to a formatted text file
C:\PS> .\Export-GroovePlaylist.ps1 | export-csv -NoTypeInformation -Path $env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\myGrooveList.csv
Will export your groove playlist to a CSV (comma Seperated Value) file that can be opened in excel
$path = "$env:userprofile\Music\Music Cache\Subscription Cache"
get-childitem recurse $path file |
foreach-object {
$Song = $_.FullName.replace("$path\",'').replace('.wma','') -split '\\'
if ( $Song[2] -match '^[0-9][0-9] ' ) {
[pscustomobject] @{ Artist = $Song[0]; Album = $Song[1]; Track = $song[2].Substring(0,2) -as [int]; Song = $Song[2].Substring(3) } | Write-Output
else {
[pscustomobject] @{ Artist = $Song[0]; Album = $Song[1]; Song = $Song[2] } | Write-Output


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